Reseller solutions

Our easy to use and flexible program can help you win more business, increase profitability, and minimize returns!

  • Leverage this value-add solution to help you win more business!
    • Help your customers find a fresh “bucket of $$” in their budget to apply towards a new hardware purchase!
    • The cash-back proceeds may be sent directly to your organization for use as “credit” off the customer’s new purchase.
    • Great for win-back opportunities!
  • Increase profitability
    • Trade-in spare parts on the floor from custom-configurations or system upgrades!
    • Receive cash-back for processors, disk drives, memory, CD/DVD, and more!
  • Support customer’s requirements for discontinued parts & systems.
    • We provide a procurement channel for you to purchase new and refurbished end-of-life technology!
    • Minimize customer returns by providing an “arms length” solution to buy back excess hardware or demo units.
    • We will work directly with your customer to buy back any unwanted hardware to minimize costly returns to your organization
    • Minimize excess inventory buildup!
    • A fast and flexible solution to sell off any internal surplus or overstocked parts and systems.
    • Receive payment within 10 days from testing!