About us

International Business Commodities, Ltd (IBC) is a small, woman-owned business that was founded in 1989 to address the unique challenges faced by technology manufacturers and IT managers in a rapidly evolving industry. Our focus is to provide a flexible and easy to use end-to-end solution to assist with life cycle management of computer technology.

IBC, Ltd was the exclusive vendor of choice for eleven years with IBM Corporation to manage the IBM Trade-In Program and subsequent several years operating the Lenovo IT Trade-In and Returns Center. We are proud to offer our host of services to work directly with your organization to maximize the return on your IT investments, or provide an environmentally friendly resource to recycle hardware that has become obsolete. We also serve as a procurement channel to support any discontinued parts or system requirements.

Our team of specialists is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering a flexible, responsive, and competitive solution, custom tailored to your individual requirements. Call us today at (781) 320-0123 and make IBC, Ltd your premier source for end-of-life IT management.

Melanie J. Kelfer