Terms and conditions

All trade-in quote requests must be submitted in writing by an authorized agent who guarantees that customer has full title to equipment that is free from liens or other encumbrances. Price quotes are valid for one week, and may be extended for up to 30 days upon commitment back in writing from the customer within one week. All hardware for trade-in (vs recycling services) must be in good working condition, free from physical damage, and complete with applicable accessories.

Minimum $1,000 trade-in value requirements.
General minimum quantity guidelines:

  • (20+) desktops, monitors, printers, components
  • (10+) notebooks
  • (1+) Intel or Unix servers, routers, hubs, switches, storage devices, mainframe with minimum residual value $1,000

Price quotes shall be issued for qualified hardware that is available for pickup within 30 days.

IBC shall administer purchase order documentation and coordinate pickup at customer facility for (100+) PC related items, or (1+) midrange / mainframe hardware. The customer is responsible for properly boxing units for transportation as well as insurance costs. Customers may ship smaller quantity orders directly to receiving facility in MA.

All equipment shall be tested by an authorized technical facility. Any defective or misrepresented items will be reevaluated and customer will be promptly notified.

Payment will be issued within 10 days from completion of testing. Checks may be issued directly to the Vendor, Reseller, or End-User.

For more information call (781) 320-0123